L’Ocio Giulivo

L’Ocio Giulivo’s enoteca of Natural Wines of Tuscany

Ocio Giulivo is not just good food, but an all-around experience, made up of the culture of our flavors, the memories and future aspirations of agriculture and every other expression of the Tuscan countryside, the highest example of a symbiosis between man and nature. In fact, we think that the service and mission of a restaurant like ours is to enable customers to have an “immersive” experience in our world, made up of food, atmosphere, service, meeting, warmth, and feelings that we tie to a place that acts as a sounding board for everything else. Our food, our natural wines(#vininaturaliditoscana), our extra virgin olive oil and all our other products are our life, our work and your enjoyment. In fact, with the heart we put into it, our Ocio Giulivo is one among a thousand commitments related to our farms. We harvest our olives at Palazzo di Piero and bottle our oil, socialize the newly arrived geese, progenitors we hope of our breeding in Cavaglioni, which will give us eggs and meat for our kitchen. We cuddle our wine and experiment with new dishes.

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Photo Gallery of L’Ocio Giulivo